A collection of services at Lestor.nl
Case – Koole Media Service (2012 - 2015)

A collection of services at Lestor.nl

For Koole Media Service, I worked on Lestor. Lestor is a collection of services aimed at the external and internal communication of small and medium-sized businesses. With Lestor, companies can manage their websites, send newsletters, and keep track of tickets and invoices.

The project was originally initiated by an intern and was intended as a system where multiple clients could manage their own websites. Over time, more features were added, and I became increasingly involved in the project. Below are some aspects of the project that I worked on:

More Design Work
Web Designer – Koole Media Service (2012 - 2015)

Local News, Television and Other Publishing Tools

I worked for this local publishing company on a free-lance basis, doing work ranging from print to web design and development. Listed here are some cases of web design, including redesigning a news website, a food takeaway site, a website CMS and a work management tool.