Case – WebNL (2015 - 2020)

A website for OTIB in 3 days

In order to improve the flexibility of employers and employees in the region Northeast-Brabant in the Netherlands, a number of organisations joined forces for a marketing campaign. They needed a web page to advertise their activities and generate leads.

We had three days to create a design, write copy, building and launch the web page. I was responsible for creating the design, hand coding and launching the web page. On Monday we kicked off by having a meeting with the client. On Thursday morning the website was finished and launched.

The design was made in Figma and ready to be reviewed on Tuesday. Thanks to Figma's live collaboration feature in the browser, feedback was quickly received and applied over the phone.

Meanwhile, a copy writer delivered content that would not fit on one page. It was decided that additional content pages were needed, so these were also designed and reviewed.

After approval from our client, the website was build within two days. Thanks to our stable selfmade codebase consisting of Laravel, SCSS, BEM naming convention and VueJS components I was able to deliver in time a complete and responsive website internally. After this the website was tested, finalized and delivered to our client.

When the website was finally launched, our client expressed their happiness about the design, the well-working website and the quick response. They were now ready to launch their campaign ahead of schedule.

More Design Work
UX Engineer – WebNL (2015 - 2020)

Bridging the gap between design and development

Before I worked for a range of diverse clients, creating websites, applications, animations and even games. My combined skills in design and development allowed me to collaborate on the process from concept to implementation.

I also led a continuation of the usability lab at WebNL. During this time I did a more than a dozen usability studies for different applications and websites, speaking to and observing many more users in person, often using eye-tracking technology.

My most noteworthy project at WebNL was an internal white-labeled design system, for which I worked on two versions with automation and migrations of tools. I wrote some in-depth articles about this as well!